Meet the Pro: Tim Smith

Meet the next member in our employee spotlight series, Tim Smith. Each member of our team is dedicated to our customers’ purchasing and selling experience, and Tim is no exception to that commitment. His industry experience and can-do attitude put Tim among the best!

What is your work background and what led you to work at The Forklift Pro?

I have over three decades of experience in retail sales. That background has prepared me to be able to pair customers’ needs and requests with quality solutions at The Forklift Pro. Many of the skills I acquired through the retail environment translated very well to the material handling equipment industry, which sometimes surprises people.

I came to The Forklift Pro to be able to work more closely with the Clark & Hyster brands. I have a lot of respect for their quality and processes. Now, I am able to share that passion with customers!

How do you help solve client problems?

By having conversations where I do most of the listening, I am able to help clearly understand and define my customers’ goals. I can then show them solutions tailored for their business size and industry rather than a generic list of forklifts or machinery.

If you were to summarize The Forklift Pro business in 5 words, you would say:

There’s something different every day!

What do you like to do outside of work?

When I’m not at our Pineville facility, I’m traveling or playing golf or traveling to play golf!

What is your top tip for people working in this industry in a similar role?

Always continue to educate yourself. The industry, the machines, the businesses we work with, and the economic factors that impact our clients are always in flux. By focusing on ways to keep current on what’s going on, I’m able to best serve my customers.

How long have you been working with The Forklift Pro:

I’ve now been with the company for ten years. A third of the way through my retail tenure already!