Using Relationships to Build a Used Forklift Business

Bill Zemak, president of The Forklift Pro, decided nearly a decade ago to take his material handling equipment industry experience & design a company that worked differently–better. Although the industry is equipment and machine-focused, Bill knew that it needed to be centered around relationships. From the beginning of the process (the buy) Bill & the team work to establish quality, long-lasting supplier and customer relationships. One of the reasons these relationships continue to work is that The Forklift Pro is committed to doing what we say we will do (and paying our bills, which doesn’t hurt). We know that the value of one’s word extends far beyond a one-time transaction.

Supplier Relationships

Our experience in purchasing over 15,000 forklifts has catapulted us to have a reputation in the MHE industry as a reliable and credible buyer of used forklifts. We are always searching for late-model, low-hour equipment, as well as the more experienced equipment with some life left in it for those who need a unit to fill a gap in their material handling needs. We will facilitate all freight pick-ups to alleviate any challenges to our suppliers.

From CFOs looking to clear their book of assets, remarketing departments needing to unload aged and expired off-lease equipment, rental yards wanting to sell-off their entire fleet, to the end user just wanting to sell their forklift, we are here to buy. The thrill of the purchase to fill our never-ending appetite for quality used forklifts is the driving force that propels The Forklift Pro to be the worldwide leader in quality used forklifts. We want to be known as a resource for those looking to sell their used equipment. When suppliers contact us for a buy, they can feel confident it will be handled in the most ethical and professional manner.

Customer Relationships

Our wholesaler client base relies on trusting our word just as much as our suppliers. We work hard to search for just the right used forklifts. Specifications, model, year, capacities, location, logistics, and condition are just a few of the things we examine to ensure we are purchasing the best used MHE for our customers. From off-lease equipment purchases and full rental fleet purchases to corporate bulk package purchases and buying direct from end users—we have done it all and continue to develop that book of business. The bottom line? We buy forklifts and make sure our customers have a great selection available to choose from at all times. This helps to secure us as a reliable, quality supplier of used forklifts.

Community Relationships

Though we are in the wholesale industry, with no general public end users, we remain committed to giving back to our community. From the beginning, we have been, and continue to be, involved in numerous civil service charities, both on the local and state levels. Our ability to build quality, long-lasting supplier and customer relationships is aided by being able to have a great facility in Pineville, just outside of Charlotte, NC. We are grateful to have a location that allows us to easily purchase, store, and ship MHE. To express that gratitude, we believe it is our responsibility to give back to our local and state communities.

We’re All About Relationships (& Forklifts)

Whether working with a new supplier or customer, or continuing to honor and build a long-time partnership, Bill & our entire team at The Forklift Pro is fully-committed to establishing and maintaining the highest level of integrity in all areas of business. In all that we do, our entire team works to ensure we keep quality relationships in the MHE industry. We look forward to the next eight years of business and thank you for being a part of the journey.