HELI Forklifts Now At The Forklift Pro

the forklift pro now sells new heli forklifts in charlotte

You don’t want just ANY forklift when it comes to increasing efficiency and productivity in your organization. Anyone with experience buying material handling equipment will tell you that there are certain factors to be considered when shopping for a forklift.

This included maximum load capacity, engine type, class, wheels, etc. One of the best ways to narrow down the kind of forklift you need is by identifying a brand that checks all the boxes – a brand like HELI.

Before we talk about the benefits of buying a HELI forklift, it’s worth mentioning that The Forklift Pro, for the first time in our history, is now carrying brand spanking NEW forklifts. We’ve been a top provider of used material handling equipment for years and when the opportunity presented itself for us to grow our business we took it! While this is a shift in our business model, we still offer quality used forklifts.

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heli forklift at the forklift proWho is HELI?

Anhui Heli Co., Ltd is one of the largest manufacturers of material handling equipment in the world! Heli America Inc is a subsidiary company. HELI manufactures forklift types covering Class I to Class V, with maximum load weights from 2,000 to 100,000 pounds. They are currently the 10th largest forklift manufacturer in the world and have an ambitious goal to “become a top five global industrial vehicle manufacturer.”

HELI Forklift Spotlight

HELI has over 500 products and a variety of material handling equipment and forklift truck types including:

●     Internal combustion forklifts

●     Electric forklifts

●     Lithium battery forklifts

●     Pallet trucks

●     Pallet stackers

●     Heavy duty diesel forklifts

Benefits of Owning a HELI Forklift

When you purchase a HELI you know you’re buying a forklift that will continue to work day in and day out and during each shift. Heli has been developing solidly reliable forklifts for 60 years. There are thousands of Heli forklifts actively being used across the world to transport materials for businesses.

They have around 1,700 models in their lineup and each one was designed for specific industries and roles within those industries. The company has a history of providing first in class industrial equipment so you know your forklift will stand the test of time. And when the times comes that you do need service, the warranty work is taken care of here in the United States.

Buy New or Used HELI Forklifts at The Forklift Pro

We’ve been holding on to this exciting news here at The Forklift Pro – and we’re excited to finally share it! As a national used forklift wholesaler, we take pride in selling only safe, high quality used forklifts to our customers. However, The Forklift Pro is proud to now also offer NEW HELI products. As an authorized dealer of HELI, The Forklift Pro can promise our customers access to top-notch material handling equipment delivered straight to your facility or work site.

Get Help from the Experts

The professional sales representatives at The Forklift Pro have years combined experience, and know how to help you find a forklift (or entire fleet) that’s fit for your business. Contact us today to see how a new HELI forklift can change your facility.