A Year in Review [Infographic]

A-Year-in-Review_Updated A Year in Review [Infographic]

What a difference a year makes! We had a great 2015 and, for fun, we wanted to share some stats with all the loyal readers of our blog.

Most Read Blog Posts of 2015

1.    Selling Your Forklift
2.    Forklift Tire Safety
3.    Prevent Workplace Injuries

We do business around the world! Top countries include:

1.    The Unites States of America
2.    Canada
3.    Mexico
4.    China
5.    Colombia
6.    United Kingdom
7.    Russia
8.    Japan
9.    Germany

We’re always on the hunt for new inventory, and these are the top states where we found equipment last year.

1.    North Carolina
2.    South Carolina
3.    Georgia
4.    Texas
5.    Tennessee

Out of 2,000 forklifts sold in 2015, this was our most popular unit:

Yale GLC050LX




Vick KumarA Year in Review [Infographic]