Meet the Pro: Nick Sosa

Sosa-1024x512 Meet the Pro: Nick SosaTalent and passion are two important characteristics that our Pros all have in common. Our newest addition to the sales team, Nick Sosa, is no exception to this rule. He brings fresh perspective and peak customer service skills to The Forklift Pro with his unique professional experience and sales background. He serves our international customer base and helps them fulfill their MHE objectives.

What is your work background and what led you to work at The Forklift pro? 

Former professional soccer player. After my soccer career, I got into radio sales and I’ve been doing sales ever since.  So a good friend of mine said I should come work in sales for Forklift Pro, so here I am!

How do you help solve customers’ problems (or what do you do that contributes to solving client problems)?

2-1024x512 Meet the Pro: Nick Sosa

No need to reinvent the wheel, so it’s always been doing a good job on my customer needs analysis (CNA). Digging deep into asking those questions that uncover exactly what the customer needs, to be able to properly address them and provide the proper service.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The people I work with, both coworkers as well as the customers.  Also, my job doesn’t have a corporate feel which allows me to be myself more.

If you were to summarize The Forklift Pro, you would say?

Good people that make a great team, that’s willing to work to help each other.

What do you like to do outside of work? Any hobbies?

Be with my wife Amy, and kids Carolina, Enzo and Benicio. Hobbies include playing and coaching my men’s soccer team at Providence High School.

What’s your top tip for people working in this industry in a similar role?

Be truthful and honest, and set expectations from the get go.

Vick KumarMeet the Pro: Nick Sosa