Meet the Pro: Seth Caldwell

Seth-Caldwell1 Meet the Pro:  Seth CaldwellWe continue our blog series as we introduce you to another incredible Forklift Pro team member.  Seth Caldwell is the first to be highlighted from our purchasing department. There, he is responsible for helping vendors move inventory.  Seth has been with us for almost a decade! We are fortunate to have someone who is so dedicated and committed to working with vendors on behalf of The Forklift Pro.

What is your work background and what led you to work at The Forklift Pro?

My educational and early work background is in housing and real estate.  However, I have been at The Forklift Pro for the majority of my professional life.

How do you help solve client problems?

My goal, as a purchaser, is to help my vendors move aged inventory off of their logs.  It is my goal to make this process as painless as possible for the vendor and to help maximize their return and minimize their effort.

Seth-Caldwell31 Meet the Pro:  Seth Caldwell

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love that I have the freedom to set my daily schedules and handle my own problems.

If you were to summarize The Forklift Pro business in 5 words, you would say:

Quality Equipment at Fair Pricing

What do you like to do outside of work?

I am an avid sports fan, particularly football (Falcons and UGA) and baseball (Braves and UGA).  I enjoy working on projects around my house, hanging out with friends, shooting and playing the occasional round of golf (if you can call what I do playing golf).

What is your top tip for people working in this industry in a similar role?

In this industry, we move at full speed.  This means that you don’t have time to watch your feet.  Keep your head up and stay in the game.

How long have you been working with The Forklift Pro:

I have been at The Forklift Pro since the first month.  I started on August 14th, 2007.  It’s been a little over 9 years and I’m still kicking!

Seth-Caldwell3 Meet the Pro:  Seth Caldwell


Vick KumarMeet the Pro: Seth Caldwell