At The Forklift Pro we stock many attachments for many applications. Bale Clamps, Carton Clamps, Paper Roll Clamps, Rotators.

Call (704) 716-3636 now with any questions you have about our extensive attachment inventory. In addition to our used attachment inventory, we stock select new inventory from Rightline Equipment!

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  • New Rightline Attachments
  • Bale Clamps
  • Carton Clamps
  • Fork Clamps
  • Multi-Purpose Clamps
  • Rotators
  • Paper Roll Clamps
  • Single Double Pallet Handlers

Forklift Side Shift Attachments

The Forklift Pro proudly offers a wide selection of new forklift side shift attachments in our warehouse. Side shifters are forklift attachments that allow forklift operators to safely and effectively shift a load from side to side. This ensures more accurate placement of loads and helps to reduce the overall handling time of moving projects. Side shift attachments come available to fit nearly all makes and models of used forklifts.

The Forklift Pro offers side shift attachments with Class I, Class II, Class III and Class IV side shift attachment sizes from 38” wide up to 78” wide in stock at all times.

To learn more about our extensive inventory of new side shift forklift attachments, please call (704) 716-3636 now. In addition to our new inventory, we also sell used forklift attachments from our warehouse.

Used Forklift Attachments

The Forklift Pro has an extensive inventory of used forklift attachments available for your unique application needs. If you are in need of used forklift attachments, The Forklift Pro has you covered. We stock an inventory of used forklift attachments for many applications, including:

  • Used Bale Clamps
  • Used Paper Roll Clamps
  • Used Rotators
  • Used Carton Clamps
  • Used Fork Positioners
  • Used Multi-Purpose Clamps
  • Used Single Pallet Handlers
  • Used Double Pallet Handlers

Used forklift attachments are available in classes including Class I, Class II, Class III and Class IV forklift attachments with sizes ranging from 38”wide to 78” depending on your specific used attachment needs.

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