Forklift Accident Causes & Prevention

Forklift Accident Causes and Prevention

There’s a reason so many rules and guidelines for operating a forklift exist. At any given time, you are moving thousands of pounds of product. That’s quite an impressive (and sometimes dangerous) feat. For that reason alone, proper forklift safety procedures must be followed at all times. As part of National Forklift Safety Day, we’ve outlined some safety basics, refreshers, … Read More

Vick KumarForklift Accident Causes & Prevention

How Forklift Classifications Help With Purchasing

Forklift Classification - man driving forklift in warehouse - The Forklift Pro

The evolution of the forklift has given many industries better options for their material handling needs. Two main factors determined how forklifts are classified – the fuel type and the job type. Because each class operates differently, forklift drivers must be trained on each class of forklift they intend to operate. Forklifts have been given seven different classifications in order … Read More

Vick KumarHow Forklift Classifications Help With Purchasing

When to Replace Forklift Attachments

When to replace forklift attachments

Forklift safety means evaluating all aspects of the machine on a daily or per-use basis, including forklift forks and attachments. Productivity only happens when your material handling equipment is in safe working condition. Federal law (OSHA Standards 29 CFR 1910.178) instructs that forklift forks used around-the-clock must be inspected on a per-operation basis. Failing to address fork damage can lead … Read More

Vick KumarWhen to Replace Forklift Attachments

4 Ways The Forklift Pro Supports Forklift Dealers

4 Ways The Forklift Pro Supports Forklift Dealers

At The Forklift Pro, we put emphasis on the importance of dealer-wholesaler trust and relationships. We firmly believe that maintaining these relationships takes dedication, communication, and ongoing support. We serve as a support system for dealers looking for the best used material handling equipment to increase efficiency. Time is always of the essence, and your requests will be handled to … Read More

Vick Kumar4 Ways The Forklift Pro Supports Forklift Dealers

Risks of Driving a Damaged Forklift

Risks of driving a damaged forklift

Forklift safety starts with being observant and aware at all times. Forklift operators and facility managers should always be diligent about caution in the workplace and when operating any piece of material handling equipment. Completing daily safety checklists is the first step (and required by OSHA) to ensuring that your forklift is suitable for use. Failing to implement safety procedures … Read More

Vick KumarRisks of Driving a Damaged Forklift

Sit Down Versus Stand Up Forklifts

Sit down versus stand up counterbalance forklifts

Though the end goal for all forklift types is to safely and efficiently move product, each forklift type varies greatly. Determining the best forklift for your application is not only going to save you time and money, but the decision will also benefit your operations from a safety standpoint. Counterbalanced forklifts come in two main types – sit-down and stand-up … Read More

Vick KumarSit Down Versus Stand Up Forklifts

The Forklift Pro Used Forklift Sale Process

The Forklift Pro Used Forklift Sales Process

Having a dedicated sales person from start to finish is part of The Forklift Pro customer experience. When you choose us to buy your used material handling equipment, we make the process simple, transparent, and profitable for the seller. We maintain this service standard by providing as much information as possible to the seller up-front. Having pertinent information about your … Read More

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Meet the Pro: Ashlee McCarty

Employee Interview Series_Ashlee McCarty

Trust and customer relationships are two of the most important parts of what we do at The Forklift Pro, which is why we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you to another one of our skilled sales professionals! We’re fortunate to have talented and knowledgeable pros to positively represent our brand on a global level. Ashlee McCarty is our … Read More

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When is the Best Time to Sell My Forklifts?

\Best time to sell your forklift

There isn’t one right, wrong, or uniform answer to this question. The decision to sell your forklifts is usually motivated by multiple factors. Selling your forklifts must be met with the same careful consideration as investing in them. The Forklift Pro helps dealers get the most out of their used forklifts. Here are some common reasons to consider selling your … Read More

Vick KumarWhen is the Best Time to Sell My Forklifts?

Common Sense Forklift Inspection Tips & Tricks

Common Sense Forklift Inspection Tips & Tricks

The Forklift Pro connects companies with used MHE equipment, and forklifts comprise a large volume of our wholesale purchase transactions. Whenever you buy new or pre-owned forklifts, it helps to have a thorough safety inspection plan in place; this not only provides more return on investment (ROI), but it also promotes worker safety. We asked, a leading OSHA safety … Read More

Vick KumarCommon Sense Forklift Inspection Tips & Tricks