Meet the Team: Vince Strum

Employee-Interviews-Series_Vince-Strum-1-1024x512 Meet the Team: Vince Strum

We’re starting a blog series that highlights our talented employees! After all, we couldn’t do what we do without their insight and expertise. We’re extremely fortunate to have the privilege of working with people on a daily basis who are persistent, high-energy, fun, and truly enjoy the material handling equipment industry. Our sales team is a great asset.

This month, Vince Strum takes the spotlight. His sales territories are the beautiful states of South Carolina and Georgia, handling several of our large dealer accounts and some of our independent dealers. Vince has a lot of experience in the material handling industry, having worked with both retail and sales starting back in 1993. He’s worked here at The Forklift Pro for 5 ½ years and we’re lucky to have him.

3-1024x512 Meet the Team: Vince Strum

What is your work background and what led you to work at The Forklift Pro?

I started in the retail side of the material handling industry in 1993 as a Capital Equipment salesman. In my previous position as the regional used equipment manager for a very large dealer, I did a lot of business with The Forklift Pro.

During that time I established a great working relationship with the owner and took a genuine interest in the wholesale side of the material handling industry. I made a leap of faith in the spring of 2011 to join the company, and have never looked back!

How do you help solve customers’ problems?

Helping customers and solving their problems is my specialty. I worked for seventeen years in sales on the retail side of this industry. That product knowledge and experience I gained enables me to help my customers secure the right forklift for their needs.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

We have a continuous, large volume of available inventory that helps me supply our dealers with the equipment they need. The casual work environment is always a plus, and on top of that, I get to work with my great, long-term customers on a daily basis!

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If you were to summarize The Forklift Pro business, what would  you say?

My summary would be that we “Underpromise and Overdeliver.” We’re always striving to do our best in meeting our customers’ needs. Everyone stays happy and satisfied when business is taken care of on time or before a due date!

What do you like to do outside of work?

  • Outdoor home improvement projects
  • Running
  • Weight training
  • Traveling to the coast and mountains

What’s your top tip for people working in this industry in a similar role?

Continue to educate yourself. Make sure you learn how the retail side of the material handling industry works on a daily basis. Understand what the equipment manager’s and the salesmen’s needs are in relation to helping their customers and securing the order. Make yourself their “Go-to-Guy” in this industry!




Vick KumarMeet the Team: Vince Strum