4-wheel Electric Forklift

2022 Heli CPD25

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Product Features

  • HELI G series Electric Counterbalanced Cushion Tire forklift truck
  • Optimized design of key components including frame ,mast, overhead guard and steer axle enhance this forklifts overall safety and reliability.
  • More space and foot room plus increased visibility through mast and overhead guard contribute to operator efficiency and safety.
  • Adjustable grammar seat w/arm rests and OPA (Operator Presence Alarm) combined with smaller diameter wheel promotes greater comfort.
  • Rear handle w/horn button used when driving in reverse.
  • Enter/exit operator compartment from both sides.
  • Tilt steering column

Additional Features

  • Hosing and cylinders in mast have been repositioned to produce maximum operator visibility
  • Arc shape of overhead guard and longitudinal bars allows operator to safety see raised loads
  • Smaller turn radius for better maneuverability.
  • Multi-speed selection function for various work conditions and applications.
  • Faster lift and lower speeds
    36 volt with 48 volt option (AC Drive and Pump Motors)
    Full LED light package
  • ZAPI MOSFET electronic travel and lifting controller.
  • Automatic deceleration while steering.
  • Optimized hydraulic system promotes greater energy efficiency and lower fuel consumption.
  • LED lights are standard equipment.
  • Save more than 80% lighting energy with LED lights.
  • Motor regenerative braking can recycle more electric energy.
  • Removable side and rear panels provide easy access to key components (pump motor, electric panel and controllers).
    Removable floor board for easy access to drive motor and transaxle.
  • Easy access to brake fluid reservoir.

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