CPYD25 Heli
LP Cushions

2022 Heli CPYD25

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Product Features

  • Technical features remarkably improved, superior quality
  • Cushion connection and whole suspension cab can absorb the vibrations of truck effectively.
  • Fully enclosed dashboard and lowering damping device inside the lifting system reduces mast shock and vibration.

Additional Features

  • The operation space is enlarged by heightened overhead guard and using large arc shape of the overhead guard’s front leg
  • Semi-suspension seat, small steering wheel, electro-hydraulic direction changing and automobile type double combined switch effectively improve the operation comfort.
  • Small turning radius makes steering flexible and easy.
  • The truck has fast driving and lifting speed, higher working efficiency.
  • Load sensing hydraulic system reduces energy consumption.
  • Fully electric control engine has large power and low energy consumption.
  • The LPG or gasoline engine has good emission performance.
  • The truck can effectively prevent the volatilization of the fuel with the pressure fuel cap.
  • Engine hood open angle increased to 80°, contributes to quick and convenient maintenance.
  • Smaller Front floor board makes it more convenient to maintain the transmission box.

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