The Forklift Pro has what you need for used rough terrain forklifts and off-road use forklifts. Whether you need 2, 4, or crab wheel drive (all tires move in the same direction), straight mast or telescoping/shooting boom, we have you covered. We have in stock, or can arrange to find, any number of brands, capacities, mast/boom specs and vintages of rough terrain forklifts. We can provide lifts for any range of applications, from construction to agriculture.

Looking for specific attachments? We carry those too. From winches to rotating fork carriages to articulating booms with separate extendible arms, we can find the best equipment for your project, for the best price.

Do you need assistance figuring out which rough terrain forklift and attachments would be best for your project needs? Our sales team has years of experience in the industry and can help guide you the best model. Contact our pros today to learn more.

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rough-terrain-engine-powered-forklift-409471 Rough Terrain Forklifts


  • 2WD or 4WD
  • Straight Mast or Telescopic / Shooting Boom
  • 5000 lbs. and up
  • Any age
  • Multiple Applications
Vick KumarRough Terrain Forklifts