Meet the Pro: Ashlee McCarty

Employee Interview Series_Ashlee McCarty

Trust and customer relationships are two of the most important parts of what we do at The Forklift Pro, which is why we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you to another one of our skilled sales professionals! We’re fortunate to have talented and knowledgeable pros to positively represent our brand on a global level. Ashlee McCarty is our … Read More

Vick KumarMeet the Pro: Ashlee McCarty

Meet the Pro: Tim Smith

Employee Interviews Series_Tim Smith

Meet the next member in our employee spotlight series, Tim Smith. Each member of our team is dedicated to our customers’ purchasing and selling experience, and Tim is no exception to that commitment. His industry experience and can-do attitude put Tim among the best! What is your work background and what led you to work at The Forklift Pro? I … Read More

Vick KumarMeet the Pro: Tim Smith

Meet the Pro: Seth Caldwell

Seth Caldwell

We continue our blog series as we introduce you to another incredible Forklift Pro team member.  Seth Caldwell is the first to be highlighted from our purchasing department. There, he is responsible for helping vendors move inventory.  Seth has been with us for almost a decade! We are fortunate to have someone who is so dedicated and committed to working … Read More

Vick KumarMeet the Pro: Seth Caldwell

Meet the Pro: David Herrara


We continue our interview series this month and turn the spotlight on our sales rep, David Herrera.  David has been with The Forklift Pro almost 3 years.  He is a valuable asset to the company and assists us in national and international sales.  His area covers Latin America, Canada, Florida, Kentucky, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, California, … Read More

Vick KumarMeet the Pro: David Herrara