Dangerous Distractions in the Warehouse

Distractions in the warehouse

We can all agree that driving a car while distracted is risky behavior. Dan Clark, from The Safety Brief, accurately states that “Forklift safety starts when the driver understands a forklift is not a car.” While they’re definitely not the same, similar rules apply to both. Pedestrians always have the right of way. Obey speed limits. Stay in designated lanes. … Read More

Bill ZemakDangerous Distractions in the Warehouse

Looking Ahead: Blind Spot Safety

Blind Spots FLP

While safety in the workplace is consistently discussed in the material handling industry, there are devastating accidents nearly every day. Corners, doorways, and limited visibility areas present unique challenges for operators and pedestrians. Blind spots require focus and, in some cases, extra time for all those involved in the material handling process. Here are four best practices for avoiding blind … Read More

Bill ZemakLooking Ahead: Blind Spot Safety

Ergonomics 101 for Material Handling Equipment

Ergonomics 101 for MHE

Material handling equipment (MHE) is only part of the equation. In this industry, safety is a hot topic as it pertains to the equipment, but the managers and operators are often forgotten. Even in 2015, many teams still rely on employees to carry, lift, and distribute containers and miscellaneous items. Managers should be cognizant of the work environment and physical … Read More

Bill ZemakErgonomics 101 for Material Handling Equipment

Fleet Management in Extreme Cold

How to care for heavy equipment in extreme cold

Keeping your forklift fleet running during extreme cold is a challenge for operators across the country. Record lows and temperatures similar to those from last winter are expected again this season. Taking a few basic precautions with your fleet of equipment this winter will prevent high repair costs, plus a loss of efficiency and workplace safety. Here are some things … Read More

Bill ZemakFleet Management in Extreme Cold

Reducing Forklift-Related Industrial Accidents


Every workplace has potential dangers for employees and equipment. However those in industrial and warehouse settings are at a greater risk for serious accidents, due to the involvement of heavy machinery, including material handling equipment (MHE). Though there are several rules, regulations, and safety standards established to help reduce the number and severity of accidents in these workplaces by organizations … Read More

Bill ZemakReducing Forklift-Related Industrial Accidents

Pedestrian Safety & Forklifts

pedestrian safety and forklifts

The key to reducing forklift-related accidents is proper training on and off of the forklift. Anticipating pedestrian presence and movement, along with training pedestrians how to work safely in the presence of material handling equipment, are topics that every facility needs to address. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health, close to 20% of all forklift accidents … Read More

Bill ZemakPedestrian Safety & Forklifts

Are Your Forklift Tires Putting You In Danger?

Forklift Tire Safety

A key, but often overlooked, aspect of forklift safety is tire condition. On average, forklift tires carry over 9,600 pounds. Because there is no suspension on this type of material handling equipment (MHE), forklift tires absorb the entire load weight. Checking tires periodically is crucial to operator, and equipment, safety and preventing load and facility damage. Operator Safety When it … Read More

Bill ZemakAre Your Forklift Tires Putting You In Danger?

Important Tips for National Forklift Safety Day

National Forklift Safety Day

At The Forklift Pro, we know forklifts and pedestrians should never mix, and since today is National Forklift Safety Day, we’re addressing this important topic. Shockingly, there are over 100 deaths that are directly linked to this type of Material Handling Equipment every year. Although forklifts are the cause of just one percent of total industrial accidents, they are responsible … Read More

Vick KumarImportant Tips for National Forklift Safety Day

Taking Care of Your Equipment Means Taking Care of Yourself

Construction worker

If you work in a busy and very physical industry, as many of those reading this post do, you know how hard it can be to take a break. We need rest breaks for many reasons, but among them is the opportunity to rehydrate. Just like many forklifts, we need to maintain proper fluid levels to operate properly as well! … Read More

Vick KumarTaking Care of Your Equipment Means Taking Care of Yourself

What Should I Check Before Operating A Forklift?

Forklift Pro Safety

When using industrial equipment to perform everyday tasks, you know how important it is to maintain it in proper working order. This statement is especially true in the case of fork lifts. Ignoring regular maintenance and safety checks can lead to trouble quickly. This is why every day you use a forklift of any kind, you should do a quick … Read More

Vick KumarWhat Should I Check Before Operating A Forklift?