Purchasing the Right Used Forklifts for Your Business


Purchasing quality used material handling equipment (MHE) and forklift machines can be a complicated process. Before even beginning to look for possible purchase options, there are several internal aspects of operations to consider. Once that process is complete, you will need to find a good business partner from which to purchase. Finally, you need to create a plan for protecting your equipment investment.

Before starting your search for MHE, it’s important to first assess your current equipment needs. That involves:

  • Taking inventory of your equipment capital on hand,
  • Reviewing the health/age of owned machines,
  • Checking lease termination dates,
  • Ensuring all maintenance records are updated and current for all pieces,
  • Selling any unwanted or outdated machinery,
  • Meeting with all operations and warehouse managers to discuss needs,
  • Evaluating overall operational efficiency, and
  • Creating a list of needed machinery.

Even after deciding on a list of machines to purchase, there is still a good deal of research involved to find the best equipment pieces and to source a reputable dealer of used MHE. Once you feel you have found a good partner from which to purchase, you will be able to check their inventory, look at their acquisition options to get any forklift machinery you need that isn’t in stock, and then look into purchasing and leasing options. Often, purchasing several machines from the same business will result in a better deal than trying to source individual machines from various dealers. Reputable companies will also be able to review your initial equipment needs assessment to verify you are looking for the right number, type, and brand of MHE.

After you’ve decided what you need to purchase and have identified a business that will be able to fulfill your forklift and MHE needs, you will need to assemble, communicate, and train operational management on a plan for protecting your equipment investment. If you are purchasing from a reputable dealer of used MHE, you will have initial peace of mind that the equipment has been thoroughly inspected and repaired prior to its arrival at your warehouse. From there, it’s up to your operations staff to ensure that each piece of equipment has a maintenance plan on file, including regular checkpoints to ensure the plan is followed, and is inspected regularly to ensure factory-recommended maintenance, such as these guidelines from Hyster, is performed. After going through the extensive process for purchasing the best MHE for your business, the last thing you can afford is to fail to protect your investment. With proper upkeep and attention, your used forklifts will continue to provide value and efficiency to your business.

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