Small Forklifts: When Size Matters

Small forklifts for sale at The Forklift Pro

It may seem as though owning a forklift is impossible due to the tight quarters of your warehouse, but The Forklift Pro is here to change that thought. Small forklifts are the key to the increased efficiency and productivity that you need.

Best Type of Lift Truck for Tight Spaces

For small warehouses with tight spaces in between shelves, the ideal type of forklift is a very narrow aisle forklift, or VNA forklift. VNA lifts are also referred to as turret trucks or order pickers. VNA forklifts are ideal for smaller spaces because they only turn the load, while larger counterbalanced forklifts turn the entire vehicle in the aisle.

Used VNA forklifts are designed to be used indoors on flat surfaces, and for tall shelves. VNA lifts can extend up to 50 feet high, and the forks can rotate 180 degrees. This allows the operator to access to either side of the aisle without having to maneuver the entire truck.

Smaller Equipment Means Improved Safety

You may have a warehouse where a regular forklift would fit – but would it be the safest choice? Oftentimes, a small used forklift is necessary for the safety of the warehouse and all of the employees in it. Operating traditional forklifts in narrow aisles is hazardous due to not enough room for safe backing or turning or obstructed views for operators.

Shop Our VNA Lifts

As you begin your search for the right VNA fork truck for your business, you may notice that these particular material handling equipment are in high demand, but low supply. Not to worry though. Shopping for a used lift truck is easy with guidance from our experienced sales team. With hundreds of years combined experience, our sales staff is able to help you determine just the type, brand, and model you need and track it down for you.