Where to Find VNA Lifts

VNA lifts

Warehouses often find their shelves stacked wider and higher as they make room for more inventory. This expansion, while beneficial for order fulfillment and increased business, can start to become problematic for equipment operators. Navigating forklifts through constricted spaces is difficult – and dangerous. Operating traditional forklifts in narrow aisles is hazardous due to obstructed views for operators and not enough room for safe backing or turning. This is where Very Narrow Aisle, or VNA Forklifts, lifts come in handy!

What is the need for VNA Forklifts?

These specialty lifts, also referred to as turret trucks, are designed to offer access to virtually any storage area in a warehouse. VNA lifts are engineered to operate in less than half the width required of a traditional forklift and extend to almost 50 feet high. The forks on a VNA lift can rotate 180 degrees, giving the operator access to both sides of the aisle without the unit having to move. VNA lifts take productivity and efficiency above and beyond – quite literally.

Acquiring VNA lifts

Forklift dealers are probably already familiar with the difficulties of acquiring certain types of equipment. VNA lifts are one equipment type that is often in high demand, but low supply. Luckily, The Forklift Pro can make supplying VNA lifts easier than ever. Instead of spending your valuable time searching for VNA lifts to supplement your inventory, get help from the experts at The Forklift Pro! We’re constantly searching for these specialty lifts to help save you the time.