Used Forklifts Shipped From Charlotte NC To Your Business

used forklifts available in charlotte nc

It’s no secret that forklifts and material handling equipment can significantly improve productivity and efficiency. Forklifts can move heavy loads quickly across warehouses and construction zones. If your business is taking the next step toward improved efficiency by purchasing a used forklift, The Forklift Pro in Charlotte, NC, can help you in every aspect of the process.

Purchasing Used Forklifts in Charlotte, NC

If you’re in the market for a Charlotte used forklift, The Forklift Pro is your one-stop shop. Our sales professionals can help you find a single forklift or an entire fleet that’s fit for your business needs. Our convenient location in the Southeast makes us an ideal equipment supplier to the Charlotte, NC forklift market. The close proximity of our location to major interstates, railroads, and shipping ports provides easy access and fast delivery. Our landoll trailer will deliver 200 miles from Charlotte, and we have fast, efficient delivery methods for out-of-area shipments anywhere in the country.

The Forklift Pro Process for Charlotte Forklifts

Every forklift and other pieces of material handling equipment that comes to The Forklift Pro is first put through a thorough check-in procedure. First, a wash and wipe-down of the unit. After a forklift is good and clean, it is inspected. Our expert technicians go over every inch of the unit, making sure everything passes the inspection checklist.

Now cleaned and inspected, the forklift is photographed and made available to the sales team. Our sales team adds the unit to our used forklift inventory list and helps get the right forklift in front of the right eyeballs – which is where you come in! Once you’ve found the used forklifts in Charlotte that are best for your business, our in-house logistics staff hits the ground running to make sure you receive your order in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Shop Used Forklifts near Charlotte, NC

Don’t waste time looking around for material handling equipment that won’t work for you. Get what you need faster by calling the experts at The Forklift Pro. Increased productivity and efficiency are just a phone call away!