Where to Buy Used Reach Trucks

where to buy a used reach truck

Your company has decided it’s time to purchase a used reach truck to help boost productivity and efficiency, but where do you start? Right here! Lucky for you, the experts at The Forklift Pro know exactly how to help. We can help you find just the right type of used reach truck to accomplish what needs to be done without exhausting your budget.

Buying a Used Reach Truck in Charlotte, NC

The first step to buying a piece of used material handling is determining exactly what your business needs. If you’ve already figured out that a used reach truck is needed, next is to choose which type you need. There are several types or classifications of reach trucks, including:

  • Counterbalance
  • Pallet jack
  • Order picker
  • Very Narrow Aisle (VNA)

While all of these types of reach trucks are designed to move heavy materials, they are each best utilized for different jobs and in different settings. For example, an electric VNA lift is best used inside a warehouse with tall shelves. Whereas, an internal combustion counterbalance forklift with pneumatic tires would be best suited for an outdoor construction site. These factors are crucial to keep in mind when shopping for used reach trucks.

Benefits of Buying Used Material Handling Equipment

Did you know there are more benefits to buying a used reach truck than just a cheaper price tag? When it comes to buying reach trucks, it’s best to buy used. Here’s why:

  • Initial savings: As mentioned before, the price tag of a used forklift is cheaper than that of a new one. In fact, most businesses can purchase two used reach trucks for the price of one new one.
  • Dependability: Used reach trucks have been put to the test time and time again already. They have had all the kinks worked out and are in great shape mechanically. Most used reach trucks for sale are on the market because their previous lease ran out.
  • Tax deductions: Under Section 179, companies are able to write off used equipment investments with an immediate 100% deduction up-front after purchase.

How to Buy Used Reach Trucks from The Forklift Pro

All of the options and decisions may seem overwhelming initially – but we have good news for you. The Forklift Pro makes the process simple. Our experts help you find exactly what you need, how many you need, and how it all works within your budget. The Forklift Pro even handles the logistics of delivery straight to your business. Get started today and contact The Forklift Pro.