Forklift Purchasing Tips for First Time Buyers

First time

When your business needs help with heavy-lifting, forklifts and other material handling equipment could drastically improve the efficiency and productivity of your operation. Once you’ve determined your company could benefit from a forklift, it’s time to start shopping – but where do you start? The Forklift Pro offers advice on how and where to buy a forklift!

Buying the right forklift for your business

If you’ve never purchased a forklift before, then the process may seem a bit intimidating. To determine which type of forklift is going to be the most beneficial and cost-efficient, you must first assess your business’ needs.

  • Will it be used indoors or outdoors?
  • How many hours a week will it be used?
  • How much weight will be lifted?
  • How high will it have to reach?
  • Are you able to service and maintain it often?

Answering these five questions will help you determine the type of motor, tires, and lift needed for the most beneficial forklift purchase.

Save money with used forklifts

Stay within budget and still increase productivity by purchasing used forklifts. Pre-owned forklifts typically cost half of what a new forklift costs. These massive savings can even allow you to purchase two forklifts in place of one. Used forklift accessories and attachments are also less costly than purchasing new.

You can even save during tax time. Section 179 allows for companies to write off used equipment investments with an immediate 100 percent deduction up-front after purchase, plus bonus depreciation.

Ask the experts

Buying a used forklift is a big investment. If you’re hesitant about where to purchase a forklift, then give The Forklift Pro a call! Our knowledgeable team of equipment professionals will be able to find you the perfect forklift, at the right price, for your business.