How Much Does A Forklift Cost?

How much does a forklift cost?

When charged with purchasing material handling equipment for a business, one of the first questions you think of is, how much does a forklift cost? At the start of your search, you’ll find a variation in price tags. The Forklift Pro helps breakdown the costs associated with a used lift truck and explains how buying a used forklift can save you money.

Factors Associated with Forklift Cost

As you shop around for a new forklift, you’ll notice the costs can vary from $15,000 to $100,000. Why such a wide range? There are a lot of different elements of a forklift that go into configuring cost. These factors include:

●     Weight Capacity: The larger the forklift, the more expensive it will be. Standard forklifts range from $15,000 to $25,000. 10,000 pound lifting capacity forklifts start at $30,000, ranging to $45,000. A hefty 35,000 pound capacity forklift can cost upwards of $100,000.

●     Manufacturer: A higher quality manufacturer, Toyota forklift for example, means long-term value, and often a higher price tag.

●     Operating Costs: Depending on the type of forklift operating and maintenance costs will differ. For example, do you need heavy duty lifting? What type of engine do you need? Are you looking for electric forklift or internal combustion?

How To Keep Costs Low When Buying a Forklift

Used forklifts available at The Forklift Pro One of the biggest factors to consider when purchasing a forklift is the number of hours on the machine. A forklift’s price is often based on how much it has been used. Fortunately, a used forklift is reliable enough to get the job done without breaking the budget.

Used forklifts for sale come with several benefits. Initially, the money saved by buying a used forklift is exponential. Oftentimes, you can purchase two used forklifts for the price of one brand new forklift.

The savings don’t stop there. Used forklifts also grant business owners the Section 179 deduction. The Section 179 deduction allows companies to write off used equipment purchases with an immediate 100 percent deduction, as well as bonus depreciation!

Additionally, a used forklift is dependable. Since these machines have already been put to work, you can know they’ve had all the kinks worked out. Most used forklifts for sale are only on the market due to their previous lease running out, not because there is something wrong with them.

For more about the costs or benefits of buying a used forklift, contact The Forklift Pro. Our sales experts are ready to help you find the material handling equipment for your needs.