Crown Forklift Purchasing Guide

Crown forklift buying guide
One of the more popular used forklift brands available at The Forklift Pro is Crown Forklifts. They offer a broad range of equipment designed to support almost any type of industry. Every lift truck they offer is intended to improve operator productivity, comfort, and safety. These forklifts are made to last long term, therefore they increase the performance of the entire business operation and industry supply chains.

Learn about the diverse equipment types to determine which unit is best for you. Then continue browsing the site to shop our inventory of Crown forklifts.

Crown Forklifts Are Available For Every Job Type

used crown forklift for sale at the forklift proAs one of the leading manufacturers in the material handling industry, Crown Equipment Corporation’s product designs are made for every industry or business need. They’re perfect for all types of working environment including rugged outdoor conditions and warehouses with limited spaces.

Options include Crown electric and internal combustion lift trucks. If you need quality used forklifts, then consider these various applications. Keep in mind the lift height and load capacity required for the job.

Dock Work: Crown lift trucks are perfect for any work where loading and unloading products from a docked vehicle and staging them for further handling. There are multiple dock trucks available so you’ll want to choose one that best meets the needs of your business.

Order Picking: Order picker forklifts help with the order fulfillment process. The right model of forklift will depend on the size and weight of the product, pin addition to the warehouse layout.

Transport: Forklifts are designed to get a product from point A to point B. Factors considered for model type is the distance traveled and how you need to maneuver the equipment. Also any requirements regarding the need for multi-tasking will determine product selection.

Rack Storage: If your business uses racks for storage, then you’ll need to know specifics around the aisle-width, vertical height, and layout of all the racks to choose the right used forklift.

Narrow Aisle: If your warehouse has limited space between isles, then a narrow aisle forklift may be your best bet. This type of organization of products is helpful to store more items in a smaller space.

Very Narrow Aisle: Maybe you need to maximize your storage space by reducing your aisle size. That’s where VNA (very narrow aisle) lift trucks come into play.

Bulk Storage: When storing large quantities of a product in your warehouse, a forklift that is the same width of your products may be needed. This is perfect for moving items stored in bulk.

Work Assist: Perfect for smaller projects and light maintenance, Crown has many forklifts to fulfill a variety of uses.

Types of Crown Forklifts

Pallet Trucks Crown – Crown offers a complete line of robust, durable pallet trucks. These trucks can handle a wide variety of applications, for any industry type. Crown’s rider pallet lift trucks are industry leaders when it comes to order picking and transporting at higher speeds.

Stackers – There are six types of stackers available including fork-over, double stack, straddle, counterbalance, reach, and initial lift. Crown stackers are designed to be flexible and provide material handling solutions across various working environments.

Man Up Trucks – These turret trucks are engineers for full pallet handling, and can manage case picking as well. These are good choices when you have very narrow aisles, but are not limited to that application.

Reach Trucks – When you need a reliable and tough forklifts, then consider the narrow-aisle reach trucks designed by Crown. These used forklifts offer performance, reliability and the lowest cost of ownership. They also offer some of the best visibility and operator comfort in the industry.

Counterbalance Trucks – Counterbalanced forklifts provide an ideal solution when loading and unloading products. These are perfect for all types of material handling needs. Models include sit-down riders and stand-up options.

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Our material handling company has helped countless businesses find used forklifts to improve their efficiency and productivity. We know that proper knowledge of forklift and material handling will increase profitability, safety and promote employee morale.

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