Let Us Help Clear Your Books

New forklifts


We know the end of the year can be difficult for material handling equipment financiers and leasing companies. As rental and lease agreements come to a close, the challenge of getting rid of these used machines arises. How do you sell your used forklifts and clear your books for the new year? You contact The Forklift Pro where we will purchase a single unit, or your entire fleet!

New Year, New Inventory

By selling your used forklifts and other material handling equipment, your business can recover from initial investments and free up space in warehouses and lots. You don’t need to stress about clearing your books for 2019. The Forklift Pro wants to buy your off-lease equipment immediately.

The Forklift Pro has been buying and selling used material handling equipment. As an industry leader, we are considered one of the most credible and reliable buyers of used equipment.

The process is simple. Our buying professionals know how to properly assess your equipment, and will make the transaction as quick and painless as possible for the seller. With our years of experience, we have mastered how to move used material handling equipment efficiently around the United States. This ensures timely removal from your warehouse. Our goal is to keep this transition smooth for you.

If you have a goal to clear your books of off-lease and off-rent forklifts and other material handling equipment for 2019, learn more how The Forklift Pro can help!