Benefits of All Terrain Forklifts

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When you need to move materials over rough terrain, having the right forklift for the job is essential. Not all forklifts are created with the durability to work in harsh outdoor environments, and using the wrong forklift can cause damage to the machinery and your product and can compromise the safety of your workers.

What is an all-terrain forklift?

All-terrain, or rough-terrain, lift trucks are specifically designed to operate in rugged, rough environments, like graveled or rocky surfaces. The standard counterbalance forklifts that are used in warehou

ses are not engineered to be used in rough-terrain environments. All-terrain forklifts have the right tires and other specifications that enable them to transport many types of heavy loads over a range of rough and tough terrains.

All-terrain forklifts are ideal for use in lumber yards and construction sites, on sloped and rocky landscapes, and on many other types of uneven and natural terrain.

Four Benefits of an All-Terrain Forklift

There are four significant benefits all-terrain forklifts have that standard counterbalance lift trucks don’t, making them the ideal MHE for outdoor operations.

The Tires

One major difference between your standard forklift and an all-terrain truck is going to be in the tires. All-terrain forklifts have deep tire treads that allow them to travel across harsh surfaces, enhance their maneuverability, strengthen their stability, and increase their load capacity.

The Engine

While standard lift trucks may have many different types of fuel sources, including battery-powered and electric units, all-terrain forklifts that are carrying heavy loads over rough terrain need the extra power that comes from diesel engines.

Additionally, most all-terrain units are able to operate in 4-wheel drive, which reduces wear and tear on the tires, the truck, and the fuel consumption.

The Ground Clearance

All-terrain lift trucks are built with higher ground clearance. This allows them to move easier across uneven land without risking damage to the undercarriage. Standard forklifts have very little ground clearance because they are mainly meant to operate on solid and smooth surfaces. Using a standard forklift in an all-terrain job means you risk grounding or bogging down your machinery.

The Load Capacity

Not only are all-terrain lift trucks built to operate on harsh surfaces and in extreme conditions, but they’re also designed to carry heavier loads than standard forklifts. Many all-terrain forklifts can lift 8,000 to 30,000-pound loads, and some can even handle more than 100,000 pounds over rough surfaces.

Featured All-Terrain Forklifts At The Forklift Pro

Here are a couple of the heavy-duty forklifts we have in stock.

USED: Mastercraft 24451

This 2016 Mastercraft all-terrain forklift has a base capacity of 8,000 pounds, a 192” raised mast height, a 4-way hydraulic function, and a diesel engine.

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