Forklift Safety Month: Must-Have Forklift Safety Checklist


You have probably heard time and time again that forklift safety is of utmost importance. Statistics don’t lie – according to OSHA, each year nearly 11% of forklifts will be part of some accident, which will result in about 100,000 injuries.

You can’t afford to skip out on safety checks. Doing so may put yourself and your co-workers at risk. With consistent dedication to forklift safety, forklift accidents can be reduced and tragedies can be prevented. We have a helpful video of safety touchpoints to get you started.

Step #1

Be sure you’re wearing the proper safety accessories and clothing. (check standard within your company)

Step # 2.

Make sure forklift operator manuals and log book are available for your review.

Step #3

Check your fluid levels. This includes battery fluid, hydraulic fluid, and water.

Step #4

Conduct a visual inspection. Check for leaks, cracks, and visible defects everywhere on the forklift.

Step #5

Take the visual inspection one step further and check the overhead guard, hydraulic cylinders, mast assemble, lift chains and rollers, and the forks.

Step #6

Don’t forget the tires! Check the tire pressure, visual condition of the tire, and be on the lookout for any defects to the tire (slashes, foreign objects stick in the tire, etc.)

Step #7

Test the steering, brakes, all lights including the front, tail, and brake lights. Also test the horn and seat belt for good measure.

Step #8

Check the operation of the load-handling attachments.