A Wholesaler’s Role in Forklift Safety


Though forklift safety is the responsibility of everyone in the warehouse, exemplary leadership and safety culture needs to start with the equipment you are purchasing – and from whom you are purchasing it. Establishing clear-cut processes for equipment, safety standards, and safety compliance begins with your wholesaler, which is why it is so important to be selective with where you purchase your material handling equipment.

Learn Everything You Can About Your MHE

Warranties and guarantees safeguard you from unexpected equipment mishaps, but are you aware of your forklift wholesaler’s equipment processes? Be sure you are asking as many questions as you can about what you are purchasing. After all, your forklift fleet is a sizeable investment for your company. Confirming the legitimacy of quality and safety of your forklift will save you money and prevent unsafe mishaps on the job.

Some questions to ask your forklift wholesaler:

  • Are safety checks are made before shipping? What are they?
  • How are the forklifts stored before purchase?
  • Are they thoroughly cleaned and inspected to ensure optimal use?
  • How often are tests made on the equipment?
  • Are all parts original or stock?

Safety Culture & Compliance

Knowing and understanding the safety culture within your wholesaler’s company is important. You need to choose a company that takes safety seriously. Ask them about their safety protocol within their own company. Find out about their OSHA compliance. A wholesaler who genuinely cares and demonstrates safety within their own business is more likely to be dedicated to providing safe, quality material handling equipment.

Does Your Wholesaler Understand Your Needs?

Once you have identified all internal factors that directly affect your forklift purchase, you will want to choose a wholesaler that understands your material handling needs. When purchasing used forklifts, your wholesaler should identify the following:

  • How your equipment will be used
  • Where it will be stored within (or outside of) the facility,
  • How often it will be used, the size of the material being handled
  • How many assets are required to move products into the hands of your customers

Having a solid understanding of how your forklifts will be used with daily operations will allow your forklift wholesaler to help you choose your equipment safely. You don’t want to underestimate load size or usage. Overworking or overloading your forklift is not only unsafe for the driver and warehouse team, but also increases the risk of damaging product.

Your forklift wholesaler should be your partner in safety. When you purchase used forklifts from a safe facility that has established definitive safety measures for your equipment, you have made a wise investment in the efficiency and safety of your operations.

From the equipment check-in process to the final sale, The Forklift Pro has you covered. Each machine is thoroughly inspected and maintained while in our possession, providing our customers with safe, quality forklifts. We designate a sales professional to each customer. Contact us today to discuss upgrading your forklifts or selling your fleet.