5 Tips for Warehouse Organization


Warehouse managers are becoming increasingly aware of the need for facility maintenance, organization, minimizing labor expenses, and lowering overhead costs. The problem is typically not lack of manpower or resources, but lack of space efficiency and inventory organization.

A clear-cut management plan is anything but simple, but the right organizational methods and best practices can bring balance and efficiency to your warehouse. Here are our top five tips to help increase efficiency, optimize warehouse performance and save money.

Reduce Walk Time

Designate a work area with a mobile power workstation for computers, printers, tablets, RFID scanners, and anything needed for communication with the warehouse.

Label Product Locations

Labels help keep inventory organized. Having an effective labeling process will save you time and money. Some things to keep in mind when labeling include:

  • Use durable materials
  • Make labels legible
  • You should be able to easily replace/remove labels
  • Color coding adds an extra level of organization and efficiency.

Use Bar Codes and Scanners

Having your product labeled and able to scan helps reduce inventory errors, allows for organized product management, saves time on order fulfillment, and allows for tracking on the delivery truck.

Install Storage Racking and Shelving

Storage racking and shelving provides housing for inventory allows for ease of organization, cuts down on clutter, and opens up floor space.

Maximize Cube Utilization with Slotting

The objective of warehouse slotting is to maximize use of the digital OLAP cube. The cube allows for improved storage and picking efficiency.

Now you’re closer to a more efficient warehouse! And remember, great material handling equipment means better warehouse organization.