Exceeding Expectations: Buying and Selling MHE with The Forklift Pro


Part of warehouse and supply chain optimization is smart utilization of space and equipment. Lowering overhead costs and choosing MHE that can meet the supply and demand needs of your operations can also help with the overall growth and success of your supply chain.

You need a forklift supplier who takes the time to thoroughly understand your business goals, your current operations, challenges you are facing/expect to face, and how MHE can impact your business for the better. The only way to achieve a total understanding of your customer and their needs is to maintain a customer-centric way of business. The Forklift Pro carries out these values in every interaction.

Transparency is Key

Part of understanding the customer is to maintain a level of transparency. At the end of the day, any supplier can say that they have the customer’s best interests in mind, but the actionable proof is the only way to genuinely carry out that value. Our sales pros do more listening than selling until they get a firm grasp of your MHE objectives. We are upfront and honest with our dealers about the shape of the equipment, the specifications, hours, and the overall condition of our forklifts. We also make selling forklifts as simple as possible by funding deals of all sizes, whether you are selling one or a dozen forklifts.

Each of our pros endorse their suggestions based on years of experience and complete understanding of their customers’ needs. No ulterior motives, no commission deadlines or quotes, just forthright, professional information.

Variety & Specifications

As a small business serving other small businesses, we understand the necessity of equipment specifications for each job and each business. Each forklift we sell is unique to the business. Rather than provide our customers with an inventory list (though we do have updated inventory available for browsing) and say “have at it”, we make educated suggestions based on your industry, business size, and goals.

Partial to a specific brand? If you are trading in your current MHE or buying a new fleet, we will do our best to provide you with a used forklift of your preferred brand. If we don’t have exactly what you are looking for, we will find it so that you do not have to sacrifice familiarity and loyalty. We may also suggest a comparable model that will successfully fulfill your specific needs.

Safety First & Foremost, Always

You want to be confident that your purchase will be a safe, profitable investment for the future of your company. Though we are not a large factory manufacturer of MHE, we do have an incredibly thorough intake process.

As wholesalers, forklift safety has to start with us. Setting our customers up for success is hinged on safe equipment before anything else. Each used forklift and attachment/accessory is tested and inspected by a trained professional, and routine maintenance is completed while the machine is present in our warehouse. Because we genuinely care about the safety of your facility, we always present tested, quality equipment. If a piece of equipment doesn’t meet our standards, it doesn’t get put on the market – period.

Improved Efficiency with Attachments

Depending on the use of your forklifts, you may benefit from certain attachments and accessories for improved productivity and safety.  Our sales pros can pair your forklift with appropriate attachments and accessories in an effort to maximize the usage of your machine. Because forklift attachments are not standard on a used forklift, it is important to reiterate to the importance of operator training when using aftermarket attachment to your dealer.