How to Sell Your Forklift

Tips for Selling – The Forklift Pro

Are you looking to sell your forklift or a fleet of material handling equipment before the year comes to a close? You can expedite the process by having all the pertinent details ready before you reach out to buyers like us at The Forklift Pro.  This includes providing a thorough description of your equipment including the make, model, year, and … Read More

Bill ZemakHow to Sell Your Forklift

Fleet Management in Extreme Cold

How to care for heavy equipment in extreme cold

Keeping your forklift fleet running during extreme cold is a challenge for operators across the country. Record lows and temperatures similar to those from last winter are expected again this season. Taking a few basic precautions with your fleet of equipment this winter will prevent high repair costs, plus a loss of efficiency and workplace safety. Here are some things … Read More

Bill ZemakFleet Management in Extreme Cold

How to Choose the Best Used Forklift for the Job

Tips for buying from The Forklift Pro

Estimating the number of forklifts you need to purchase might be a daunting task, especially for first time buyers. When considering the purchase of a forklift, the amount of use the equipment will receive on a daily or weekly basis will make a huge difference in what you buy. For example, you won’t want equipment with a lot of hours … Read More

Bill ZemakHow to Choose the Best Used Forklift for the Job

Reducing Forklift-Related Industrial Accidents


Every workplace has potential dangers for employees and equipment. However those in industrial and warehouse settings are at a greater risk for serious accidents, due to the involvement of heavy machinery, including material handling equipment (MHE). Though there are several rules, regulations, and safety standards established to help reduce the number and severity of accidents in these workplaces by organizations … Read More

Bill ZemakReducing Forklift-Related Industrial Accidents

Qué Transacción es Recomendable Realizar con los Equipos Usados para Manejo de Materiales?

Las empresas que han actualizado recientemente sus montacargas y transpaletas en búsqueda de mayor seguridad y eficiencia, probablemente han visto un incremento en la cantidad de herramientas sin uso que están ocasionando problemas de almacenamiento, saturando el ambiente de trabajo, y dejando de  proporcionar valor agregado a sus operaciones. Es de vital importancia tener en cuenta,  que mientras estos elementos … Read More

Bill ZemakQué Transacción es Recomendable Realizar con los Equipos Usados para Manejo de Materiales?

Common Sense in the Workplace

Forklift Pro common sense

Quick tip: Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Make sure your warehouse team understands your internal safety policies and that you take OSHA violations seriously. And please don’t try this in your own workplace. These people have obviously lost their minds.

Bill ZemakCommon Sense in the Workplace

Comprando el Montacargas Usado correcto para su Negocio

Forklift Pro

La compra de equipos para manejo de materiales (EMM) de calidad, así como máquinas montacargas puede ser un proceso complicado. Por ello, antes de comenzar a buscar posibles opciones de compra, deben considerarse varios aspectos relacionados con dichas operaciones. Así mismo, una vez completado ese proceso, es necesario encontrar un negocio de confianza para realizar la compra. Finalmente, es recomendable elaborar un plan para proteger su inversión en dichos equipos. Antes de comenzar su búsqueda de EMM, es importante evaluar primero … Read More

Bill ZemakComprando el Montacargas Usado correcto para su Negocio

Pedestrian Safety Tip: Increasing Alertness

Pedestrian safety tip 1

Quick tip: Want to help avoid accidents in your warehouse? Try improving the lighting, supply high-visibility clothing, and make sure walkways are clutter free.

Bill ZemakPedestrian Safety Tip: Increasing Alertness

5 Usos que las Empresas le dan a los Montacargas

Independientemente de los equipos industriales disponibles en el mercado hoy en día,  los montacargas son, posiblemente, una de las herramientas más importantes para muchos empresarios del mundo industrial. Estos equipos, levantadores de materiales con sobrepeso, son los que hacen posible que las empresas movilicen ágilmente toda su carga pesada. Sin embargo, los nuevos montacargas que salen de fábrica son cada … Read More

Bill Zemak5 Usos que las Empresas le dan a los Montacargas

Why Remarketing Helps Your Business

The Forklift Pro Remarketing

Industrial space management, warehouse operations, and construction site planning are all commonly machine-laden. There are several things to always have top-of-mind for operations managers of these spaces and industries, many of which tie directly to the machine handling equipment (MHE) the company has on the books and in use. However, there are also various other aspects to be managed in … Read More

Bill ZemakWhy Remarketing Helps Your Business