Your Forklift Purchase With Us

Here at The Forklift Pro, Inc., our method for buying and selling takes a different approach. We value all of our customers and take the process seriously. How do we manage our extensive used forklift inventory? Walk through the process with us!

1. The Check In  

After arriving at our Pineville, North Carolina facility, our purchased units go through a check-in process. What does this involve? Each piece of equipment is cleaned, inspected, photographed and then made available to our sales staff. By taking the equipment through the check-in process, we are able to confirm that the unit matches the stated purchase condition. It also helps us to maintain healthy, trusted relationships with our suppliers. After the condition is made clear, our sales staff is able to match the available units with customer inquiries as they look to fill their wholesale forklift needs.

 2. The Sale:

Speaking of our sales team, they are the best in the business (in our humble opinion)! As well as being multi-lingual, they combine over 130 years of experience in the forklift and material handling industry! Believing in putting our customers first, they make the buying experience with The Forklift Pro, Inc. the best it can be. From our extensive and growing variety of used forklifts to our assortment of new and used forks and other material handling equipment, we are proud to sell our products domestically, as well as to over twenty other countries worldwide! Our location in North Carolina is convenient for shipping, being close to the ports of Charleston, South Carolina, Savannah, Georgia, and Jacksonville, Florida. This means that your forklift is easily transportable twelve months out of the year, with the assurance of sunny Carolina weather not disrupting your forklifts from getting where they need to be. Throughout the whole process, you have a dedicated Sales Representative as your point of contact who will ensure that everything goes as planned and your expectations are exceeded!

3. Our Shop:

We like to think that our shop is what really sets us apart from the competition. In fact, we know it does! Typically, the wholesale forklift industry has a poor reputation because of the “buyer beware” mentality. We’re out to change that one purchase at a time. As a team, we strive to make the experience a comfortable one for our forklift customers. Confidence is key. We want all of our customers buying with confidence, knowing and feeling assured they are investing in the right equipment. Our forklift dealer customers appreciate the fact that our team of outstanding mechanics is able to make repairs to the forklifts, keeping their acquisitions costs down and their delivery time to their customer reduced. Keeping up on maintenance, our technicians perform engine replacements, transmission work, paint work, new tires, electrical troubleshooting, battery work and the like, in order to meet the customers’ needs.

4. The Delivery:

After the forklift has gone through our mechanics and checkout process, it’s now ready for delivery. Our own in-house logistics staff will facilitate getting your load out in a timely and cost-effective manner. If you live close, The Forklift Pro, Inc. has a state-of-the-art Landoll trailer that can deliver your forklifts up to 200 miles from Charlotte, NC. We also have efficient delivery plans and routes for our out-of-area domestic customers. If your company is internationally based, we have you covered there too! Remember, we’re close to several ports.

We strive to deliver our best to each and every customer. To do that, we know the relationship doesn’t end with a purchase and shipment. We work hard to follow-up after the sale and assist our customers in any way we can. We have many returning and happy customers, which help us build and maintain lasting relationships in the material handling industry. We are committed to “making it right” and every staff member on our team strives to make your experience and purchase the very best possible. Our goal is to continue to earn the trust of our customers one deal at a time.