The Pre-Owned Forklift: 3 Benefits of Buying Used

Lifting. Moving. Loading. For nearly 100 years, these machines have worked day in and day out for almost every industry. Improvements in design and function are made year after year, but sometimes going with the newest and most modern design just isn’t an option. Used material handling equipment might be your best bet when it comes to adding an extra workhorse to your warehouse, but what exactly can you expect from that kind of purchase?

Here are 3 ways that you, your workers, and business will benefit from new-to-you forklifts:

Upfront Savings

Forklifts are a substantial company investment, and as an owner, you want to make sure you’re spending money in a way that will ultimately result in business growth. Pre-owned material handling equipment costs less. A lot of times it’s actually half the price of a newer truck. With used forklifts, your buying power increases. What do we mean by that? Depending on what you can afford, the money used to buy one brand new forklift is able purchase two used lift trucks that are just as (or more) reliable. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, a new forklift can really limit your buying options in terms of performance and quality. Even though you might be limited price-wise, going with a used option might actually get you a better forklift than what you could buy brand new. There’s nothing better than landing a great deal that expands business performance and productivity!

Reliable Performance

Speaking of dependability, unlike their newer counterparts, used MHE has real life work experience. Think of it like one of those employees, seasoned in the industry, that offers a lot of value to a company. Confidence in equipment is necessary for a smooth operation and the well-used forklift is a sign of a hard working machine that’s up to the task. But wait, there’s more! Reliability in workload isn’t the only benefit of choosing used forklifts over new ones.

Familiarity in Equipment

Updated, newer forklifts have different ergonomic features that might be unfamiliar to drivers. When making equipment purchase decisions for your operation, consider the truck operators when it comes to function. A unfamiliar design means time and money spent on training before the equipment can be used. Ease of use is always a plus and means that you can put the forklift or fleet to work right away.

On top of the all these benefits, you also have the peace of mind that each lift truck is carefully examined for any potential issues. It’s always good to do your research though. Work on building a relationship with a company that has experience in both buying and selling. They’ll be able to help you find exactly what you need and guide you through the process of used equipment purchase.