4 Ways The Forklift Pro Supports Forklift Dealers

At The Forklift Pro, we put emphasis on the importance of dealer-wholesaler trust and relationships. We firmly believe that maintaining these relationships takes dedication, communication, and ongoing support.

We serve as a support system for dealers looking for the best used material handling equipment to increase efficiency. Time is always of the essence, and your requests will be handled to reflect priority and urgency. Our team will pinpoint the right machinery for the job, whether you are looking for one forklift or an entire fleet of machinery.

Here are a few of the problem-solving methods and solutions we offer.

Solution #1: Wide Array of Used Forklifts Available

Convenience and variety are two components of our operations at The Forklift Pro. Our customers rely on us to supply a large array of equipment in a centralized location.

Because we strive to provide options for most applications, we keep our inventory stocked with a wide selection of trusted brands and models of used forklifts. Before any piece of machinery makes it into our inventory, it must pass our rigorous inspection process.

Solution #2: Prompt Sales & Simplified Logistics

The Forklift Pro expedites the shipping process to easily and quickly deliver your material handling equipment once the sale has been made. As one of the largest wholesalers in the world, The Forklift Pro has the ability to promptly ship equipment using a trusted network of logistics providers. Once the sale is made, we move quickly to get the equipment to you in a timely manner.

Solution #3: Exclusivity

Our Dealer Alert Program is ideal for those looking for specific equipment.  We take the legwork out of searching for inventory. When you sign up for our daily inventory alerts, you will be given an updated list of used material handling equipment that we have available.

Solution #4: Knowledgeable Professionals & Relationship Focused

We have built (and continue to build) long-standing relationships with international dealers that need a consistent quality product. We operate as more than a vendor – we are your partner for reliability in material handling.

We stand by each and every piece of equipment we sell. Our professional sales team is knowledgeable on each make and model that we carry, and supply our dealers with the best equipment at wholesale prices.

One of our main goals is to serve as a one-stop shop for dealers looking to diversify their inventory. Our sales professionals can identify the right equipment for any project. Chat with one of our pros to get started.