Choosing a Reputable Forklift Wholesaler

There are many moving parts (quite literally) when choosing a forklift wholesaler, but the number one contender is finding a trustworthy company.

Analyzing company reputation, purchase terms, leasing opportunities, equipment quality, customer service, and experience level are all crucial factors in choosing the best wholesaler for your needs. Though a used forklift purchase may be a basic one-time transaction, analyzing a company for their ability to serve your needs long-term will be more beneficial to you in the long run.

Establishing a good relationship with your wholesaler makes the sale process a lot smoother. Finding a company that is focused on your needs and warehouse workflow challenges will save you a lot of headache in the long run.


Some factors you may wish to consider when choosing a forklift dealer include:

Company history and reputation. Experience is a main factor in selecting a MHE company, but what about reputation? All of the experience in the world does not stand well on its own – a solid reputation and long-standing exemplary customer service are the complementary factors to experience. Word of mouth is invaluable when assessing the reputation of a forklift dealer. Do your research on how well the company maintains a relationship after the purchase is complete in order to assess their attentiveness to your ongoing relationship and future MHE needs.

The sale process and delivery. Knowing what to expect before you select your wholesaler is equally as important during and after the sale. If you prefer to see the equipment before purchase, you should always be offered the opportunity to shop MHE in person. If you are unsure of your exact application needs, the wholesaler professional team should help assess your workload specs in order to provide you with the best possible forklift for your operational needs. An in-person experience is best for someone who is unsure of upgrading or selling MHE. Be knowledgeable about when you can expect your order to ship, as well as ensuring communication remains consistent during and after the shipment process.

Diverse selection of MHE products available. When determining your MHE wholesaler, pay careful attention to inventory availability. Do they have the necessary attachments, accessories and add-ons for your particular machines? Are multiple brands available?

Unrivaled customer service. This might seem like a given, but oftentimes phrases like “superior customer service” or “end-to-end sales process” are buzzwords that companies fail to deliver upon when it comes time to step up to the plate. So how can you be sure you are selecting a company that follows through on the glowing promises their website delivers? It’s simple – ask around. Solicit the advice of other buyers who have experience in warehouse supply management and get their opinion.

Availability time for parts. Receiving MHE in a timely manner shows that your wholesaler understands the importance of timeliness and efficiency in your warehouse. Be sure to ask when you can expect MHE that is in stock, as well as specially made orders.

Your MHE wholesaler is your partner for success, so choosing a trustworthy team of professionals to build a long-lasting relationship with is crucial. Find a company who will invest in your needs before you invest in their stock.