Benefits of Used Forklift Attachments

Used forklift attachments are designed to make material handling simpler and more efficient. Attachments allow you to reduce forklift operating hours, move product safely, and provide material handling convenience for your forklift operator. The right used forklift attachments can save your customer time and money.

There are many factors that determine which attachment is best for your forklift. Here are some of the most common forklift attachments used today.

Side Shifters

Side shifters are one of the most versatile, and most popular, forklift attachments available. Side shifters allow forklift operators to safely shift a load from side to side. The use of a side shifter also improves load placing accuracy.

Bale Clamps

Bale clamps are made to handle baled, palletless product. Examples of baled products are bales of hay, cotton, wool, and most any type of material that does not need a pallet for handling.

Carton Clamps

Carton clamps are another forklift attachment belonging to the palletless handling family. They allow forklifts to quickly and safely handle non-pallet based loads, such as cases of wine, vegetables, and appliances.

Paper Roll Clamps

Paper roll clamps are designed to handle specialty paper rolls without causing damage. Paper roll clamps are the ideal attachment for paper rolls that cannot be moved by way of pallet.


Rotators are attachments that have forks attached to a rotating apron. The turn radius ranges between 180 – 360 degrees. They carry bins and large tote boxes that have contents that require dumping, such as recycling or food waste.

Fork Positioners

Perhaps one of the most helpful attachments, the fork positioner allows you to adjust the distance between the forks. This attachment makes it simpler to place different pallet sizes with ease.

Pallet Handlers

Pallet handlers are common attachments in bottling facilities and warehouses. Double pallet handlers can handle four pallets at once. Some models come with extenders, which provide easier maneuvering for load placement.

Forklift Attachment Safety


There are some safety risks that come with using forklift attachments. Ensuring the used forklift attachment is approved for your machine is a must when it comes to not only efficiency, but also driver and pedestrian safety.

Used forklift attachments can change the stability and balance of the machine. The weight of an attachment can decrease the lifting capacity of your forklift. Ensure that drivers are aware of these changes and that they are trained on how to properly utilize the attachment.

OSHA requires that an operator is retrained if a new attachment is added to the forklift, and that the forklift is considered half-loaded when an attachment is in use.

Saving Money by Buying Used

Purchasing used forklift attachments in great condition is a simple way to upgrade your MHE without burning a hole in your budget. Improving the manner in which you are able to move product increases profitability, and buying used is an added bonus for your bottom line.

Your trusted forklift wholesaler can help you determine which used forklift attachments would be beneficial for your inventory. Contact us if you have questions about attachments, accessories, or need to discuss selling off your forklift fleet. Our sales pros are standing by and happy to help.