Choosing a Forklift Wholesaler in the Automotive Industry


As the automotive industry grows, so does the need for quality material handling equipment. Industry challenges, market demands, and technology innovations have launched the automotive industry into production overdrive. This has signaled a fast-growing need for reliable forklift machines and a reputable dealer that can meet the demands of the industry.

Understanding Agility

Agility is key to continued success in automotive technology development. Used forklifts offer a long-standing reputation of reliability and cost-effectiveness, with a wide variety of features and attachments designed to handle a changing automotive market.

Automakers are constantly seeking ways to improve manufacturing while balancing current demand and forecasting future market production. A trusted forklift wholesaler well-versed in the industry can alleviate some of the workload by offering quality used material handling equipment that can handle production increases without straining the bottom line.

Buying Power

This is a value often touted in the used forklift industry, but it’s with good cause. Global consumer demand is ever-increasing with the rise of new automotive technologies. Dealers need to be prepared to handle extensive equipment needs from their customer. The experienced team at The Forklift Pro will take the time to present realistic and efficient solutions that will alleviate cost distress without sacrificing machine power or quality.

Making Logistics Simple

Automotive companies are one of the most familiar industries with logistical challenges. Mastering the process of shipping used forklifts in a timely manner is a trait that is inherently necessary for wholesalers selling equipment to their automotive customers.

Fast and simple shipping often comes with an unsightly cost. Finding a wholesaler that is willing to offer bulk shipping rates helps customers save on freight costs.

Knowledge of Geographical and Economical Challenges

An expert forklift wholesaler needs to have a firm grasp on economic and climate factors that affect the industry’s success and performance. Production increases or decreases, natural disasters, political events that directly affect import/exports, and the economic health of manufacturing constituents all have the potential to inhibit buying capabilities.

Understanding these challenges is inherently important for the Central American automotive market. Mexico has been a success model among large Latin American economies for the automotive industry. Though their overall economic growth has been stagnant, they come out ahead in competitive manufacturing costs and supply chain efficiency, which poses potential for growth in the new year. Reliable transport links to the US have made them a huge recipient of automotive investment, especially as an export hub to the US and Canada.


Upselling for Efficiency

One of the most common challenges automotive industry leaders face is the increasing need for seamless manufacturing. Used forklift attachments and accessories can significantly increase machine efficiency and save time. The Forklift Pro offers attachments and accessories that add an extra level of safety and efficiency for pneumatic, IC cushion, and electric forklifts.


When research has you overwhelmed, simplify the process of finding a reputable forklift wholesaler by asking questions. Ask them about their realm of experience with your industry and how they have helped other companies with their manufacturing and material handling woes. A trusted forklift wholesaler will be able to provide proof of experience and knowledge.

The Forklift Pro provides automotive dealers with the best used wholesale equipment on the market. We have built (and continue to build) solid relationships with our automotive customers. We help our customers stock their inventory with reliable equipment, while continuing to study automotive trends in order to keep operations efficient and able to handle fast-paced trends. Let’s discuss your material handling needs.