Sell Us Your Used Material Handling Equipment

Person selling used material handling equipment to The Forklift Pro

So you’ve got some material handling equipment you need taken off of your hands – but you’re probably thinking how much of a hassle it might be to sell it. Well, we have some good news for you. At The Forklift Pro, we buy material handling equipment and we make the process easy! The Initial Conversation Getting in touch with … Read More

Vick KumarSell Us Your Used Material Handling Equipment

Let Us Help Clear Your Books

The Forklift Pro can help clear the inventory off your books

We know the end of the year can be difficult for material handling equipment financiers and leasing companies. As rental and lease agreements come to a close, the challenge of getting rid of these used machines arises. How do you sell your used forklifts and clear your books for the new year? You contact The Forklift Pro where we will … Read More

Vick KumarLet Us Help Clear Your Books

Perks of Selling Your Used Forklifts to The Forklift Pro

Perks of selling your used forklifts to the Forklift Pro

If you’ve ever tried selling your off-lease material handling equipment, you know how daunting a task it can be – especially when you have a sizeable inventory. The end of the year is rapidly approaching. If you still have material handling equipment that is no longer serving the needs of your business, you’re essentially looking at a stationary fleet of … Read More

Vick KumarPerks of Selling Your Used Forklifts to The Forklift Pro

The Forklift Pro Used Forklift Sale Process

The Forklift Pro Used Forklift Sales Process

Having a dedicated sales person from start to finish is part of The Forklift Pro customer experience. When you choose us to buy your used material handling equipment, we make the process simple, transparent, and profitable for the seller. We maintain this service standard by providing as much information as possible to the seller up-front. Having pertinent information about your … Read More

Vick KumarThe Forklift Pro Used Forklift Sale Process

When is the Best Time to Sell My Forklifts?

\Best time to sell your forklift

There isn’t one right, wrong, or uniform answer to this question. The decision to sell your forklifts is usually motivated by multiple factors. Selling your forklifts must be met with the same careful consideration as investing in them. The Forklift Pro helps dealers get the most out of their used forklifts. Here are some common reasons to consider selling your … Read More

Vick KumarWhen is the Best Time to Sell My Forklifts?

Increasing ROI With Used Forklifts

FLP Forklift ROI

Investing in quality used material handling equipment is one of the best choices you can make for your customer’s bottom line. The decision to purchase used forklifts over new forklifts will help increase efficiency, cut back on manual labor costs, and recoup initial investment costs quickly. An essential part of a dealer/customer relationship hinges on their ability to find the … Read More

Vick KumarIncreasing ROI With Used Forklifts

Exceeding Expectations: Buying and Selling MHE with The Forklift Pro

Buying and Selling with The Forklift Pro

Part of warehouse and supply chain optimization is smart utilization of space and equipment. Lowering overhead costs and choosing MHE that can meet the supply and demand needs of your operations can also help with the overall growth and success of your supply chain. You need a forklift supplier who takes the time to thoroughly understand your business goals, your … Read More

Vick KumarExceeding Expectations: Buying and Selling MHE with The Forklift Pro

Forklift Trade-In Value: 8 Areas to Keep in Mind

Value of a Used Forklift

There’s no doubt that the forklift is a useful asset to many operations, but machines don’t last forever. Eventually, what used to be a productive piece of equipment turns into a something that’s spending more time in the repair shop than on the job. Nobody has time for a loss in productivity when it comes to running a business, but … Read More

Vick KumarForklift Trade-In Value: 8 Areas to Keep in Mind

Dealership Advantage With The Forklift Pro

Dealership Advantages with The Forklift Pro

Durable, affordable and fixable. There are so many great reasons to buy used forklifts. These machines, though previously owned, perform great. You have the peace of mind that the forklift has performed well in a similar environment. The price point is such that you increase your buying power going with a pre-owned option. The maintenance fees, too, are much lower. … Read More

Bill ZemakDealership Advantage With The Forklift Pro

How to Sell Your Forklift

Tips for Selling – The Forklift Pro

Are you looking to sell your forklift or a fleet of material handling equipment before the year comes to a close? We can help you clear the books! To sell your forklift, complete this form to submit a bid. You can expedite the process by having all the pertinent details ready before you reach out to buyers like us at … Read More

Bill ZemakHow to Sell Your Forklift