Building Relationships Through Customer Service

Procuring, inspecting, repairing, and sourcing wholesale machines, used forklifts and other material handling equipment (MHE) is our specialty. Although we buy and sell this equipment from all over the United States and around the world, we’re a relatively small business in a niche market. Sure, there are plenty of larger companies that deal in this industry; so, what makes us different? Our company can be summed up in one word: service.

“The key is to set realistic customer expectations, and then not to just meet them, but to exceed them. Preferably in unexpected and helpful ways.” (Richard Branson)

We strive to serve our customers to the best of our abilities by building their trust, listening to their needs, and setting the right expectations for equipment purchases.

Building Trust
Our customers need to have the confidence that, as a business partner, we have their best interests in mind. Part of building up trust with our clients means assuring them that the purchase they’ve made is a good one. Each piece of equipment that comes through our doors is thoroughly examined by our technicians. Any necessary repairs are made before putting inventory out on the floor. In addition, because we care about the market’s needs, our customers consistently enjoy a wide variety of MHE available to suit their specific needs. From standard forklifts to pallet jacks to more specialized MHE, such as VNA forklifts, our customers can rest assured that we will have what they need to get the job done.

Why do we listen? Identifying market demand ahead of our larger competition is key, and hearing what our customers have to say provides the best inside information possible. It helps us understand what they see on the front lines when selling to the end users. Whether this means standard “heart of the line” products or specialty pieces for certain industries, it’s important to have them available in the right place and at the right time. We keep our ears in tune with the needs of each client.

Keeping it Realistic
Since we sell used equipment, not every piece is going to be as new as the day it rolled out of the factory. We always strive to represent the equipment in an honest manner, setting realistic expectations for those dealers looking to purchase. Now, a less-than-perfect forklift by no means indicates that it’s not a good worker. In fact, one of the benefits of buying used equipment is the knowledge and assurance that it will do the job well. But then, you already knew that!

Some of the larger organizations out there, who also sell MHE, may not have the staff resources or larger business goal to dedicate themselves to ensuring that each client’s needs are met. Here, the customer always come first. While bigger companies might be driven by some other motive, at The Forklift Pro, we are driven by service to our customers and the relationships we build with each sale or purchase. You can rest assured that we will have the right product to meet your MHE needs.