New and Improved Used Forklift Purchase Benefits


Whether you’re purchasing one or a dozen forklifts, you’re making a major investment in the efficiency of your business. New advancements in forklift technology and design are always being introduced to the market, but these options aren’t always cost-effective for new or small businesses.

Purchasing used forklifts offers more benefits than ever – for your employees and your bottom line.

Section 179 Deduction

Choosing used forklifts now offers more of an up-front benefit for your budget. Under previous tax codes, companies investing in used material handling equipment didn’t have the option to write off capital spending costs right away, and used forklifts did not quality for deductions.

With the revision of Section 179, companies may now write off used equipment investments with an immediate 100% deduction up-front after purchase, plus bonus depreciation.

Immediate Savings

On top of the new tax laws, pre-owned material handling equipment costs less – roughly 50% less than a new forklift.

Increased buying power is often a huge draw when purchasing used forklifts. What you would pay for a new forklift goes a lot further when buying used forklifts. Depending on your budget, you may be able to purchase two reliable used forklifts for the price of one new forklift.

Parts are often less costly for a used machine. If repair is required, a slightly older forklift is less expensive to fix in the long run.

Used forklift accessories and attachments are also less costly than purchasing new. Purchasing pre-owned forklift attachments and accessories means you are able to move product easier and more efficiently, without spending a fortune.



Familiarity and Reliability

Economic benefits (though important) aren’t the only advantages of purchasing pre-owned machinery. When The Forklift Pro receives used inventory, it goes through a rigorous inspection and servicing process. Because we have first-hand experience with the machines we sell, we are better positioned to give you a full history of the machinery and offer educated suggestions on how each piece of machinery can be best used.

Employees are often more at ease driving familiar equipment. They have mastered the features and capabilities of more traditional models, which means they don’t require further training to drive reliable used forklifts.

The Forklift Pro Process

Our pros invite you to take a virtual or in-person tour of our inventory. We are happy to assist with specific machinery questions, our sales process, logistics, and any other information you need to help you make an informed purchase decision. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with your material handling needs.