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Our Process For Your Equipment (Infographic)

Here at the Forklift Pro, we make selling and buying material handling equipment as easy as possible. Rest assured, when you purchase from us, the forklifts are well taken care of and receive the attention they deserve. From a thorough cleaning and inspection, to your own personal sales representative, we’re with you every step of […]

Dealership Advantage With The Forklift Pro

Durable, affordable and fixable. There are so many great reasons to buy used forklifts. These machines, though previously owned, perform great. You have the peace of mind that the forklift has performed well in a similar environment. The price point is such that you increase your buying power going with a pre-owned option. The maintenance […]

3 Reasons to Consider Retiring Your Material Handling Equipment

The equipment you have to help run the warehouse has served you well, but no matter how heavy-duty it is, MHE doesn’t last forever. As with automobiles, your machine puts in work hours and requires upkeep. Eventually, productivity decreases as the wear and tear of daily jobs take their toll. So, when do you start […]

How to Choose the Best Used Forklift for the Job

The job of purchasing for any business can be taxing – but purchasing material handling equipment has its own level of stress. If you’re faced with finding the best forklift for your inventory or business, then The Forklift Pro has some tips to make it simple! Understanding usage How many forklifts will be needed? How […]

Qué Transacción es Recomendable Realizar con los Equipos Usados para Manejo de Materiales?

used forklift

Las empresas que han actualizado recientemente sus montacargas y transpaletas en búsqueda de mayor seguridad y eficiencia, probablemente han visto un incremento en la cantidad de herramientas sin uso que están ocasionando problemas de almacenamiento, saturando el ambiente de trabajo, y dejando de  proporcionar valor agregado a sus operaciones. Es de vital importancia tener en […]

Why Remarketing Helps Your Business

Industrial space management, warehouse operations, and construction site planning are all commonly machine-laden. There are several things to always have top-of-mind for operations managers of these spaces and industries, many of which tie directly to the machine handling equipment (MHE) the company has on the books and in use. However, there are also various other […]

Purchasing the Right Used Forklifts for Your Business

  Purchasing quality used material handling equipment (MHE) and forklift machines can be a complicated process. Before even beginning to look for possible purchase options, there are several internal aspects of operations to consider. Once that process is complete, you will need to find a good business partner from which to purchase. Finally, you need […]

5 Ways Businesses Use Forklifts

Out of all of the industrial equipment available on the market today, forklifts are possibly one of the most important tools for many business owners across industries. Forklifts are the heavy lifters that make it possible for businesses to rapidly move weighty materials. Yet, newly manufactured forklifts are expensive. A variety of factors increase the […]

Your Forklift Purchase With Us

Here at The Forklift Pro, Inc., our method for buying and selling takes a different approach. We value all of our customers and take the process seriously. How do we manage our extensive used forklift inventory? Walk through the process with us! 1. The Check In   After arriving at our Pineville, North Carolina facility, our […]

I Need to Sell My Forklift Equipment, but Where do I Start?

When it comes to running a business, cash flow can typically be of concern. There are many money-saving routes you can take, but when it is time to replace equipment, your budget can take a serious beating. There are some ways, however, to help alleviate this sting. One way is to sell your used forklifts […]