Where to Find a New Forklift in Charlotte

new forklift in charlotte

As soon as your business integrates forklifts into processes, the benefits are endless. More productivity, efficiency, and safety. Less human involvement, risk, and time. So what are you waiting for? The Forklift Pro has new forklifts in Charlotte, NC, ready to help you maximize the benefits of material handling equipment for your business.

Purchasing New Forklifts in Charlotte, NC

The sales professionals at The Forklift Pro have the expertise and know-how to help you find a single unit or an entire fleet that’s fit for your business needs. The Forklift Pro is a well-known dealer of used forklifts, and new HELI forklifts. We are conveniently located in the Southeast, making us an ideal equipment supplier to the new forklift market in Charlotte, NC. Our headquarters are also in close proximity to major interstates, railroads, and shipping ports which means easy access and fast delivery for our customers nationwide. We provide trailered delivery anywhere 200 miles from Charlotte, and we have delivery methods for out-of-area shipments anywhere in the country that is fast and efficient.

Shop New HELI Forklifts at The Forklift Pro

Heli America Inc is a subsidiary company of Anhui Heli Co., Ltd is one of the largest manufacturers of material handling equipment in the world, and manufactures forklift types covering Class I to Class V, with maximum load weights from 2,000 to 100,000 pounds. They are currently the 10th largest MHE manufacturer in the world.

HELI has over 500 products and a variety of material handling equipment and forklift truck types. As an authorized dealer of HELI, The Forklift Pro can promise our customers access to top-notch material handling equipment delivered straight to your facility or work site.

Shop Used Forklifts near Charlotte, NC

Save time, stress, and headaches and start shopping for new forklifts in Charlotte with The Forklift Pro. Our sales professionals years of experience and know exactly what types of forklifts are best suited to your business. Contact us today to get started on the road to endless benefits from material handling equipment!